logged_in){ //Open DB $db =& DB::connect($vmt_dsn); if (PEAR::isError($db)) { die($db->getMessage()); } $db->setFetchMode(DB_FETCHMODE_ASSOC); //Get Action if (isset($_GET["action"])) { $vmt_action = $_GET["action"]; } elseif (isset($_POST["action"])) { $vmt_action = $_POST["action"]; } else { $vmt_action = "none"; } $change = "no"; //See if specified box exists if(isset($_GET["boxid"]) && (($vmt_action=="del") || ($vmt_action=="edit"))) { $res =& $db->query("SELECT FriendlyName, PhoneNumber, Passcode, relAudioTypeID, relSubjectFormatID, relProviderID FROM tblVoicemailBoxes WHERE relUserID=" . $session->id . " AND VoicemailBoxID=" . $_GET["boxid"]); if($res->numRows()) { if($vmt_action=="del") { //Delete Confirmation ?>
Confirm: Remove Mailbox
You are requesting that the Odyssey VoiceMail Transmogrifier no longer process your voicemail emails for you. If you choose to remove this mailbox and it is still an active line, remeber to logon to your service provider's website and change the email address where the voicemail emails are sent.
Yes I'm Sure:
fetchInto($row); $friendly_name = $row["FriendlyName"]; $phone_number = $row["PhoneNumber"]; $passcode = $row["Passcode"]; $rel_audio_type_id = $row["relAudioTypeID"]; $rel_subject_format_id = $row["relSubjectFormatID"]; $rel_provider_id = $row["relProviderID"]; $box_id = $_GET["boxid"]; $heading = "Edit this mailbox"; $change = "yes"; } } else { echo 'Internal Error or Box Does Not Exist
Close Window'; } } if(isset($_GET["number"]) && ($vmt_action=="add")) { $res =& $db->query("SELECT * FROM tblVoicemailBoxes WHERE PhoneNumber='" . $_GET["number"] . "'"); if($res->numRows()) { ?>
Error: Number already used.
Voicemails for that number are already being transmogrified. Please enter a different number below. If you feel you are receiving this message in error please contact us and we will help you resolve pthe problem.
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