Web Site 2.0

Welcome to the new and improved Odyssey Internet and Computers web site. We have completly redesigned the site layout, this time without any tables. Thats right, everything you see here is pure css positioning. In previous versions of this site it was all about us, who we were and how to reach us. This time we have useful utilities and web apps for you! We did however decide to keep the info about us just in case you need to reach us.

A Web App!

Voicemail Transmogrifier - This is the solution to those useful but frustrating voicemail emails your provider can send you. You know the ones that the attachment will only play in Windows Media Player or Quicktime. Well now you can listen to them on any device with any player. You have the emails sent to the transmogrifier and it will convert the audio file and send it to you as a standard WAV file or one of several compressed formats.

Still Cooking

Gift Giving Randomizer - Do you want a easier way to decide who gives who a present than getting everyone in the same place and passing the hat with names in it? Well the app got pushed to the back by the transmogrifier but we plan on having it working by Christmas.

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